Consulting Services

Consultancy Services

As HATOF, and as individual experts, we undertake consultancy services in the field of energy, environment, climate change, climate finance, and communication.

We particularly undertake the following services:

  • Environmental and social safeguards
  • Environment and social impact assessments
  • Energy Auditing
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Development of communication strategy
  • Mobilisation, coordination, and facilitation

We also undertake training and capacity development for beneficiary institution in resource mobilization, needs assessments and project formulation.

Beneficiary Institutions:

  • Ministry of Environment, Science Technology and Innovation, Ghana
  • United Nations Development Programme, Ghana
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
  • Ministry of Finance , Ghana
  • Energy Commission, Ghana
  • Forestry Commission, Ghana
  • Conservation International, USA
  • GEFCSO Network, USA
  • WWF, Germany
  • Agricultural Development Bank
  • Social Investment Fund